ImageZoo Artist Interview: Caroline Attia

Lcat0025image copyright © Caroline Attia

IÂ had the pleasure of interviewing ImageZoo Artist Caroline Attia who hails from Paris, France. She is an amazing artist and I’ve always admired her work!

Read what she’s been up to:

How has your summer been?
I went on vacation early, so I spent most of the summer working, July was pretty calm, I had a lot of time to develop my personal projects : a short film, and a animated series. August is more busy which is also good.

carolineattiaimage copyright © Caroline Attia

I know you live in Paris. How much of what you create is inspired by the city you live in?
I guess my illustrations are inspired by my surroundings. I love walking around the city and looking around me, but I also get a lot of inspiration from my travels. I always take a lot of pictures for references and sketches and often use them in my illustrations.

carolineattia3image copyright © Caroline Attia

How did you get started as an artist and when did you know you wanted to be an artist?
I started drawing when I was six. I didn’t see myself doing anything else other than something involving drawing. Professionally speaking, I started working while I was still at school, for magazines mostly. I really wanted to have a foot in the professional arena before getting out of school so it would be easier to find some work, which it was. After school I immediately started as a freelancer, mostly illustration first and then animation.

carolineattia8image copyright © Caroline Attia

You do amazing animation, what do you like better, Animation or Illustration?
I like both, during some periods I prefer illustration and some other times, animation, I like to alternate and focus more on an image or a sequence. What is important to me in both mediums is narration: I love telling stories.

CarolineAttiaimage copyright © Caroline Attia

What inspires you to create?
Traveling, as I said earlier, is a great source of inspiration. I also watch a lot of movies, old ones and new ones. The web is a great place to find inspiration to look at great illustrators and animators. I also buy a lot of books on graphic design, illustration, photography and painting.

MTVHuntHDimage copyright © Caroline Attia

Can you describe your process when creating art? What is your favorite medium to work with?
I usually start both animation and illustration by sketching on paper, then I scan them and work in Photoshop for the coloring. I try to work as if I was really painting, I don’t fill shapes, but use painting brushes. I have a cintiq tablet, so it allows me to draw directly on the screen. I would love to be able to do some etching or silkscreen if I had enough space. I am hoping that will happen in the future. Etching was one of my favorite mediums back in school, now I mostly only work on the computer.

carolineattiaimage copyright © Caroline Attia

What are you working on now?
I am developing some personal projects : a short film, a TV series, and a children’s book. At the same time I am working on some commercial work.

Caroline Attia

image copyright © Caroline Attia

What is your favourite thing at the moment?
Well there are several. I have become a great addict to pole dancing as a sport (nothing to do with stripping, mainly a really acrobatic and fun sport). I have something too for macaroons, we’ve got really good ones here in Paris, and I must say drawing and my husband are my top two things at the moment, in no special order.

carolineattia4image copyright © Caroline Attia

What is your idea of the perfect weekend?
Spending time with my friends and my husband, nice weather, sunny but not too hot, walking around, remaking the world in endless discussion around a nice dinner in a restaurant with some fine wine, and coming back with my head full of new ideas on Monday. I rarely get to have two full days off though, unless I get out of Paris.

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Caroline!

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