What could you do with 500 Colored Pencils?


What color springs to mind when I say Drizzly Afternoon or Jabberwocky? SocialDesigner.com offers a subscription like no other. It’s a great gift for the creatives in your life because they would get 24 colored pencils delivered to their doors for the next 20 months…that’s 500 Colored Pencils in 500 unique colors with very original names. Isn’t it much more fun to use a color that’s called “Neptune” rather than the color blue, or “Peaceful Afternoon” rather than just plain old yellow? By the time you receive all of your pencils, your color vocabulary will be very sophisticated!

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  • roxygirl says:

    Much better idea: give your friend a monthly gift certificate to an art store. Brilliant gimmick. These pencils are for decoration, not for drawing.


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