Rare Books for Artists and Designers

If you’re looking for some inspiration, I stumbled upon a store that I think would be great for artists and designers. Stuart Ng Books sells rare and out-of-print books on the subjects of Illustration, Animation, and Comic Art. They also carry old publications of Print Magazine and Communication Arts Magazine.

Here are some of the books that they have on sale:


Published in 1951, Illustrating for the Post, profiles the illustration of 62 artists who worked for the Saturday Evening Post.


The Second Annual of Illustrations for Advertisements in the United States, by the New York Directors club, published in 1923.
annual_society_illustrators annual_society_illustrator2

This is the very first edition of the Annual of the Society of Illustrators, published in 1911.


Walter Warde, the art director of Foster & Kleiser, examines outdoor advertisements of the 1940s in his book Poster Design, published in 1947.


With over 300 illustrations, The Hawaiian Shirt, published in 1984, celebrates the art of the Hawaiian shirt.

There are many more great finds. Check them out here.

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