Events for Creative People

If you happen to live in Vancouver, Toronto, or Los Angeles, be sure to check out the following events:


Carded! Opening Night is Saturday April 10. The show runs from April 10-20.

The opening night of Carded! is April 10 and takes place here in Vancouver. It’s a group show featuring the work of 50 artists, including that of our very own ImageZoo artist, Soizick Meister. On the opening night, you can buy a pack of five trading cards featuring artwork on them and you can feel free to trade them with other people to get the one you want. It’s a great opportunity to check out some local talent.


FITC: The Design and Technology Festival
April 25-27, 2010

The Design and Technology Festival in Toronto is one of the largest of its kind and is a three day event chock full of presentations and workshops that would be of interest to Digital Artists, Flash Designers, Flash Developers and Motion Graphic Artists.


ICON6 Illustration Conference
July 14 – 17, 2010

Participate in workshops and be enlightened by some of the world’s top creative professionals at the Icon6 Illustration Conference taking place this summer in Los Angeles.

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