Artist Interview: Soizick Meister

A woman achieving balance
image copyright © Soizick Meister

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Soizick Meister, one of our local artists here in Vancouver. Read on to find out more about her and her fascinating work.

You have moved and lived all around Europe and currently reside in Vancouver, Canada. Do you think your art is influenced by your travels?
Yes, very much so. I get a lot of inspiration when I am travelling, whether it is a day trip outside the city or 6 weeks in Europe. Because the landscape is such a big part of my work, I am always aware and observant of my surroundings taking a large number of digital photographs. Visiting galleries, museums, bookstores and so on nourishes and renews my creativity and inspirations. a person writing beside a large head made of words,ghostwriter
image copyright © Soizick Meister
from the collection: Play on Words
How do you describe your sense of artistic style?
I think my style is a mixture of illustration and contemporary poetic surrealism. While I like to tell a story with my paintings, I also want them to be open, ambiguous and unique to each viewer. I work on small panels because I want to capture the detail and intimacy in each frame.
image copyright © Soizick Meister

Can you describe your process when creating art?
The final pieces are always part of a long process of inspiration, ideas, sketches and plans. I collect found images, objects and stories for inspiration. From this, I do several sketches. Often this is supplemented or enhanced by photographs I take for reference. These elements are reworked using Photoshop. Then I begin from start to finish, the final painting.
image copyright © Soizick Meister

What or who inspires you to create?
I try to explore themes, stories or parables that I find fascinating. Sometimes I create my own stories loosely based on these ideas. For example, the “Red Thread” series comes from the chinese proverb of how are all connected. I took this idea and visualized it.
Writer flying out of a cage
image copyright © Soizick Meister
from the collection:Â Play on Words
What has been your favorite illustration project so far?
The project with the writing theme from ImageZoo using line art and digital techniques was challenging and interesting for me. I tried to visualize different concepts which can be used by writers, schools or teachers. The technique allows them to change the colors to suit their specific needs.
In Spring of 2010 “Mr. M: The exploring Dreamer” was published. This picturebook based on the “Mr. M” painting series is accompanied by a poetic text. Working with the Vancouver-based editor and his team was a great experience. Another enjoyable and interesting project was “The Red Thread” painting series. It allowed me to continue with the  “Mr. M” theme and style but I was not restricted to it. It was fun thinking of ways to integrate the red thread concept in each piece and weave it throughout my other ideas.
image copyright © Soizick Meister

What are you working on now?
Presently I am developing and working on a new series of paintings with the theme “Houses and Homes”.
To see more of Soizick’s exquisite work go to and to view her work on ImageZoo, click here.

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