Using Moodboards in Design

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You can’t force creativity, sometimes it doesn’t come naturally. Creating a moodboard can help to break you out of your rut. Moodboards are creative compositions that help organize ideas and inspiring finds. Interior designers have long used moodboards to help set the tone for a space, and fashion designers use moodboards to collage sketches and fabric swatches. They have also entered the realm of wedding planning to help event planners and brides put all their ideas into one place. Moodboards are also a useful way for graphic and web designers to visually hone in on the general direction of their designs including color palette, typography, and images.

Moodboards are easy enough to make on your own in Photoshop but there are a few great online applications that make it even easier.

Sample Board – online software for creating digital moodboards. This is a good one for creatives including those in fashion, interior design, landscaping and graphic design.

Evernote – This is an excellent way to store ideas and interesting finds that inspire you. This is great as a starting off point to creating your moodboard.

Moodboard – A great moodboard app specifically for the ipad.

Olioboard – This is best for interior designing. You can create a digital composition of  what your space will look like using images of furniture and accessories from various retailers.



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