Artist Interview: Roberta Cottam

image copyright © Roberta Cottam

I recently interviewed Roberta Cottam, a talented Canadian illustrator and designer who has worked for big name fashion retailers such as Lululemon and Bootlegger. With three collections on ImageZoo, you can get a sense of how versatile her illustration styles are. Read on to find out where she gets her inspiration from.

What inspires you to create?
Creating, for me, is like drinking water, stretching my muscles, getting some sleep. It’s something my body and soul asks for–cries for– and if I don’t oblige, I suffer. I’d like to wax more poetic, but quite simply, self-expression is how I breathe.

What has been your favorite illustration job so far in your career?
My favourite clients to work with are Free the Children and Me to We; my illustrations increase awareness and aid for children, families and communities worldwide.

image copyright © Roberta Cottam

What kids of things are you working on now?
I am currently launching a new t-shirt line called Inky & Boots. The graphics are my original artwork but pay homage to favourite illustrators such as Alberto Vargas and Georges Barbier.

image copyright © Roberta Cottam

What is your favourite thing at the moment besides art or design?
Minimalism! It started with de-cluttering my home and organizing my work life, but has been since expanded to eating simpler, meditating, focusing on family and following my joy. As an artist, it’s easy to get bogged down in all that I create and bring into existence. It’s incredibly liberating to let it all go!

– Thank you Roberta! Roberta has a number of single images on ImageZoo and three collections. Check out the collections:
Generation U,  Job Market, and Maternal Instinct.



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