Orange You Glad Tangerine Tango is the Color of the Year?

Pantone announced that Tangerine Tango is the Color of the Year for 2012. We love you Honeysuckle, but see ya later! In celebration, here is a roundup of some ImageZoo images that feature tangerine-esque colors (otherwise known as orange).

“Deer” by Isaac Montemayor

“A black cat on an orange chair” by Teresa Woo Murray

“A businessman running on gears inside of a man’s head” by Mark Airs

“A fireman aiming a hose” by Aloysius Patrimonio

“Illustration of a man looking through a telescope from a hot air balloon” by Jordan Adams

“A fairy flying over a field with a palace in the background”  by Sahar Ajami

“Decorative floral design of Datura in a printmaking style” by Rigel Stuhmiller

“An illustration of Leonardo Da Vinci vitruvian man” by Francesca Tesoriere

“Acension” by Tama-Iris

“A young boy eating pasta” by Mamoru Yamamoto

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