Feature Artist: Paulo Buchinho

It’s clear that ImageZoo artist Paulo Buchinho works well under pressure. Above is a photo of an illustration project that was completed in just one day for the December 2011 edition of ATUAL, the arts magazine of the Expresso Newspaper for which Paulo has worked as a freelance illustrator since 1992.



Paulo was kind enough to show us his process of completing the image from sketch to final art. His goal was to create an image that would communicate the joy adults have when receiving presents at Christmas time, because let’s face it, even though we say it’s a time for giving, don’t we all just love to open up presents? Paulo first provided pencil sketches and after sketch approval, the final art was rendered in both Freehand and Illustrator… all of this in one days work!

The end result is a great representation of what makes Paulo’s images so unique. Paulo combines bold colors and humor to get the concepts across. His distinct style has graced the pages of numerous publications across Portugal. Read more about Paulo here. Click here to view his work on ImageZoo.



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