Feature ImageZoo Artist: Caroline Attia

Our feature artist this month is Caroline Attia. Her work on ImageZoo is just one side of what she does. Caroline is also an animator whose amazing work has received accolades. One of her favorite projects in recent months was a music video she illustrated and animated  for the song “Elevator Operator” by musician Jim Bianco. We asked her to share some details on her process and her inspiration for the project. Here is what she said:

Elevator Operator is a direct collaboration between me and Jim Bianco, the artist of the song. Jim Bianco is an independent musician and he wanted an animated music video for his new album, Loud Mouth.

As soon as I heard the tune, I fell in love with it and thought it would be a really great song to animate over. Jim already had a rough concept of what he envisioned for this music video, and I went along with it.

I started by designing the different characters. I drew the band characters first and they were all inspired by the real band members. The design of the elevator operator/secretary was also key in the first stages of the project. She needed to have a real change in character when she became the elevator operator but still be the same.  At this stage the style came naturally: retro cartoon with fun colors.

Once this part was finished, I worked on a storyboard  directly timed to the music which made me realize this was going to require some very fast editing. I used flash and a cintiq to do this step.

Once the storyboard was well timed and completed, I started designing all backgrounds in Illustrator and then reworked them in Photoshop. All the animation was made in Flash, and the compositing in After Effect.

The best thing about this project really was the direct link to Jim Bianco, and being able to share ideas. I think we are both really happy with the result. The music video even got the Best Music Video award at the Istanbul animation festival in Istanbul this year.”

Thanks for sharing with us Caroline! To view her work on ImageZoo click here.


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