See What’s New at the Zoo

We’ve had such an influx of great artists who’ve recently joined the Zoo. Take a look at the work below by some of the artists:



© Mulga the Artist

You can’t help but be drawn to the intricate details of Mulga the Artist‘s illustrations.



© Cachetejack

Cachetejack is the work of illustrating duo Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul. Their work has a quirky naive style that lends itself to interesting concepts.



© Intellecta

Intellecta has over a hundred images of patterns, swirls, and curly decorative elements for your design needs.


© Kiley Victoria Woolgar

Kiley Victoria Woolgar’s images have a dramatic appeal to them and are rendered in a sophisticated way.


© Monica Ruiz Losa

Monica Ruiz Losa has a charming collection of images with sweet concepts.


© Stamptout

Stamptout’s cute illustrations are inspired by her love of vintage things.



© Frank Adams

Frank Adams‘ useful vector illustrations come in a variety of themes sure to add a little something special to your designs.



© Joao Pedro Canhenha

Joao Pedro Canhenha has a strong collection of colorful abstract illustrations that would make perfect backgrounds.

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