See What’s New at the Zoo

Be sure to check out some amazing illustration by new talented artists who’ve joined the Zoo.

Budi Satria Kwan / ImageZoo

© Budi Satria Kwan

Budi’s images pack a punch with striking colors and strong concepts. View the rest of Budi’s images here.


Greg Cross / ImageZoo

© Greg Cross

You will love the characters and humor in these images by Greg Cross. See the rest here.


Renia Metallinou / ImageZoo

© Renia Metallinou

Renia’s illustration features stylish people doing every day activities. See her portfolio.


Jim Gordon / ImageZoo

© Jim Gordon

Jim Gordon has a cute collection of illustration centered around children’s themes. See his work here.


© Ciaran Murphy

Admire the stunning and imaginative images by Ciaran Murphy.



BNP Studios / ImageZoo

© BNP Design Studio

BNP Design Studio’s charming images focus on the themes of childhood education and business.


© Sophy Henn

I love the fun illustration style of Sophy Henn. Check out her work here.



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