Why Hello Emerald Green!

Move over Tangerine Tango, Emerald Green is Pantone’s color of the year for 2013. Take a look at some of ImageZoo’s illustrations featuring emerald-ish colors.

A drawing of a woman dressed as a Christmas tree on a patterned background by Cargo.

A painting of cabbage flowers by Coharu Aya.



A green man hooked up to tubes by Jombie Jing.

A portrait of a woman smoking a cigarette by Jade Pilgrom.

A green building with recycling symbols on the side and a tree growing from it by Lola & Bek.

A building made of puzzle pieces that are being blown away by Logan Faerber.

A boy on a hippopotamus by Mamiko Ohashi.

A graphic representation of human evolution by Paul Gilligan.

Emerald green background by Pixmann.

A horizontal repeating pattern of seahorses and coral By Rosy Illustrations.

Illustration of a young girl crying by Riyoco Hanasawa.

A boy and a girl holding hands near Christmas trees by Mushuko Takabe.

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