Colorful Concrete Characters

I am lucky to be able to work on beautiful Granville Island in Vancouver, BC, one of Canada’s most beloved tourist destinations. Until the late 1970s Granville Island was home to industrial businesses but over the years it has transformed into a thriving place for arts, culture, and amazing food. You can still see touches of its former life as an industrial center throughout the island, such as railway tracks, cobblestone streets and Ocean Construction, a concrete factory that has been here since the early 1900s, and is located just outside our office. In the last couple of weeks, Brazilian artists Os Gemeos have been working hard to transform the large grey, uninspiring concrete silos into a Vancouver Biennale art display featuring these wacky colorful characters. This is the largest and first of its kind in Canada but Os Gemeos has created more characters like these in other cities around the world, as part of their Giant series.


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