Useful Resources for Graphic Designers

Thought I’d share some links to some useful graphic design resources:

Skillshare – This is a fantastic website for creatives. Brush up on design skills or learn something new at Skillshare.

Fonts in use – A website where typophiles can view a public archive of typography in design.

Lipsum – A useful website where you can generate lorem ipsum text for your design needs.

GuideGuide – Easily create guides and grids in Photoshop using Guide Guide.

Typetester – Compare fonts for the screen side by side. It makes font selection so much easier.

Designer’s Toolbox – A very useful resource for graphic designers that include dimensions for paper and envelopes, templates, and a conversion chart.

Font Squirrel – A great website for commercial free fonts.

Check My Colour – An online tool to check foreground and background colors of your website to ensure there is enough contrast for those with color deficits.

Paletton – Easily create beautiful color palettes with Paletton.

Five Second Test – Helps you fine tune your landing page by analyzing the effectiveness of your design.

Graphic Design Blender – A useful blog that provides tips on building your graphic design business.




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