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Creative people to be inspired by on Instagram

There are so creative people in this world and instagram is the perfect platform to showcase talent. Here are some notable designers and artists to follow on Instagram.


@steveespopowers is an artist and sign mechanic from New York, who has a bold and graphic style with an influence of vintage.


@ohjoy a designer who has designed for target has a gorgeous instagram  filled with bright and modern colors.

@designlovefest is the instagram of creative director Bri Emery. Her instagram is filled with colourful and inspiring photos.


Becca Clason is a freelance artist and letterer whose instagram is filled with beautiful hand lettered pieces using things like food, flowers, and beads.


Every Hey’s instagram showcases delightful little iconic figures.



Homsweethom showcases the amazing talent of illustrator and letterer Lauren Hom.


The instagram of  designer and typographer Andreas M Hansen, is just gorgeous. His simple color palette is really effective in tying his instagram photos together.

@spielkkind is the account of illustrator and photographer Kerstin Hiestermann who incorporates everyday objects to help her illustrations tell a story.

@themostfamousartist is the instagram of Matty Mo, who was recently interviewed by for his street art in which he has created selfie backdrops that have cropped up all over LA.



I love the bright colours of Jessica V Walsh’s instagram. She is an art director and partner at Sagmeister & Walsh.

Futuristic Vintage Illustration

I hunted around the internet for some vintage illustrations depicting the future. My personal favourite is this illustration from the 1930s showing two women talking on video phones (via Inverse).

Below are some postcards by a German chocolate company showing what life would be like in the 2000′s:

These personal flying machines are not unlike the recently invented personal flying machines created by engineering students from Singapore.


Here are a few illustrations from Mechanix Illustrated, Modern Mechanix and Reader’s Digest:












































Note the jetpacks in this 1966 Reader’s Digest image depicting life in 1999 by Fred Freeman.


String Painting

This is a fascinating video of an artist, BKS Varma in Bangalore, creating this art of Sri Krishna in four minutes using string and indian ink.

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy the beauty and the warmth of the holiday season! Cheers to you and yours. From all of us at ImageZoo.

Pantone Colors of the Year 2016

Pantone has announced two colors of the year for 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity. What are your thoughts?




Here’s a beautiful image by one of our artists Vika Sabo that happen to have both of those colors.