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Millennium Falcon 3D Drawing

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming soon to theatres, so it’s only fitting to post this amazing video of a 3D Drawing of the Millennium Falcon. Very cool!



Coffee Monsters

German illustrator Stefan Kuhnigk turns coffee stains into adorable little monsters. Check out more of these cute creatures on his instagram.




Rare Postcards from the Bauhaus School of Design

In 1923, the renknowned Bauhaus School of Design had its first exhibition. New York’s Museum of Modern Art recently acquired a rare complete set of 20 promotional postcards for the event.

The postcards were created by 16 students and masters, and sent to some of the most influential people in Europe at the time.

See the rest of these beauties here.

Useful Resources for Graphic Designers

Thought I’d share some links to some useful graphic design resources:

Skillshare – This is a fantastic website for creatives. Brush up on design skills or learn something new at Skillshare.

Fonts in use – A website where typophiles can view a public archive of typography in design.

Lipsum – A useful website where you can generate lorem ipsum text for your design needs.

GuideGuide – Easily create guides and grids in Photoshop using Guide Guide.

Typetester – Compare fonts for the screen side by side. It makes font selection so much easier.

Designer’s Toolbox – A very useful resource for graphic designers that include dimensions for paper and envelopes, templates, and a conversion chart.

Font Squirrel – A great website for commercial free fonts.

Check My Colour – An online tool to check foreground and background colors of your website to ensure there is enough contrast for those with color deficits.

Paletton – Easily create beautiful color palettes with Paletton.

Five Second Test – Helps you fine tune your landing page by analyzing the effectiveness of your design.

Graphic Design Blender – A useful blog that provides tips on building your graphic design business.





I stumbled upon these useful infographics about graphic design that I think are useful. Have a look!