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What could be Kuler?

Community Pulse

Want to see how the world sees color? Check out the Community Pulse on and you will see a graph of the sites most popular color trends.

If you’re struggling to come up with a color palette for your next design or illustration, let Adobe help you. Adobe has reinvented the color wheel with their free online application tool, which allows you to create and name your own color combinations. If you want to draw inspiration from a picture, simply upload your image and Kuler will create a color scheme for you which can then be tweaked according to how you want them.

It truly is a revolutionary site that makes color picking so much fun! Oh, and you can share the color combinations you come up with and have it rated by your peers, how kule is that?

Check out  the color combination I’ve come up with using Rob Colvin’s image (below)for inspiration.

roc0023image copyright © Rob Colvin



Try it out yourself and let us know what color combos you come up with!

Hello from ImageZoo!

Lllu0063Welcome to Spark,

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