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House of Illustration: The Only One of its Kind

photograph by Paul Grover House of Illustration, located in the UK, is the only gallery of its kind that focuses solely on illustration. House of Illustration initially began as a group of illustrators in 2004 that would tour with various exhibitions. Throughout the years, the group gained traction and in 2014 they moved into a [...]

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Events for Creative People

If you happen to live in Vancouver, Toronto, or Los Angeles, be sure to check out the following events: Carded! Opening Night is Saturday April 10. The show runs from April 10-20. The opening night of Carded! is April 10 and takes place here in Vancouver. It’s a group show featuring the work of 50 [...]

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Take the Shortcut

Whether you’re a pro or just learning Illustrator or Photoshop, apply these shortcut stickers to your keyboard. There are also sets available for Audio Editing and Video Editing programs. Also, if you don’t wan to apply stickers to your keyboard, there is also a keyboard skin cover available for Photoshop shortcuts.

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