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Can you sum up your life in a single sentence?

Up until his recent exposure on Buzzfeed garnered Steven St. Pierre tons of attention, the Canadian Art Director was asking people to submit a title to him that would sum up their lives in a single sentence. He then designed book jackets everyday in clever and humorous ways. Because of the overwhelming number of submissions, [...]

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Feeling a bit uninspired?

29 WAYS TO STAY CREATIVE from TO-FU on Vimeo. Here’s a great video if you’re feeling a bit stilted in the creativity department.

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Coolest Workplace Contest Winner

Last month, our ImageZoo artists were invited to enter their workspaces into ImageZoo’s Coolest Workplace in the Zoo Contest. It’s always fun to see where our artists work, and where each of them draw their inspiration from. Today, we notified our winner, Ellia Ana Hill, of Green Bean Baby – Cut Paper Illustration – that she has [...]

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